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Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Finally, even on the very popular messaging app detected by Facebook in 2014 and since then the protagonist of exponential growth, WhatsApp in fact, messages arrive that delete themselves automatically.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

A request that users have been making for some time, in the wake of what has already been there for some time on another widely used messaging app. And precisely for this particular and very convenient function: Telegram.

Having the ability to use messages that delete themselves after a certain amount of time is a high guarantee of privacy. It is no coincidence, unfortunately, that Telegram is often a means of communication used by terrorists. Or, in a more romantic use, by lovers or cute teenagers fleeing the prying eyes of parents, friends, or brothers and sisters.

How to set up messages on WhatsApp that are automatically deleted

n practice, it will be possible to activate a deadline for messages (including text, images, or videos) but only after a week, a period of time considered by the company ” adequate to allow users not to lose the thread of the conversation and to access the messages referred to. they need “.

whatsapp new feature

The new feature to delete messages on WhatsApp automatically will arrive on all iOS and Android devices gradually by the end of November.

Furthermore, the team of developers has already anticipated not to exclude overtime the possibility that the time span of the message duration can be reduced to a few days later. In fact, a week is a long time.

To do this, just enter the desired chat, click on the contact’s name and activate the Ephemeral Messages option

How to set up messages on WhatsApp that delete themselves in groups

In groups, however, things are different. In fact, the right to use the function is limited to group directors only. The way to do it remains the same.

WhatsApp has dedicated a special page to this new function.

Ephemeral messages that eliminate risks on their own

Every technological innovation, as we know, carries with it its relative risks. In this case, the risk is that messages of all kinds are sent to people with too much nonchalance. Alias, nonchalance.


Actually, the recipient of the same has the option to save it by taking a screenshot. While in the case of a voice message or video, also record it using screen recording or via another mobile device. The speech is even more valid on WhatsApp given that they last 7 days.

And there is another risk: if you turn a disappearing chat content to a third contact, the content visible from that contact will not disappear after seven days. Since the disappearance is always valid only on the content on which the function is active.

So be careful. As always, your already mistreated privacy is at stake.

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