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immuni app review

The name says it all. The Immuni app was developed by the company Bending Spoons, both for the iOS and Android operating system, and was chosen by the Italian government in order to avoid contact between infected people and healthy people by tracking the movements of the former and alerting the latter.

immuni app review

The app should therefore avoid that, in the so-called Phase 2 where there will be a gradual reopening of activities, the Coronavirus can spread again and generate new outbreaks.

There are those who talk about technology that comes to the rescue in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19. There are those who speak of yet another violation of privacy. And who is talking about a useless app because there are already Google and Facebook that monitor our movements?

Immune App how it works?

How does the Immuni App work? The portal specialized in the Digital Agenda explains it to us.

The Immuni app will consist of two parts:

  • one dedicated to actual contact tracing (via Bluetooth)
  • the other intended to host a sort of “clinical diary” in which the user can record data relating to their health conditions from time to time
  • Covid immunity work

The application is based – like the solutions of Singapore, Apple, and Google – on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and keeps user data on their device. Assigning it a temporary ID, which varies often and is exchanged via Bluetooth with nearby devices.

When one of the subjects who downloaded the app tests positive for the virus, the health professionals provide him with a code with which he can download the log of the IDs he was in contact within the previous days on a ministerial server (at one meter, for a sufficient number of seconds). So as to allow their “matching” to users who have downloaded the app.

It seems that at this point there is an algorithmic “qualitative screening” of the contacts, to reduce the risk of false positives, which evaluates the proximity between the devices and the exposure time between them, returns a “contagion risk” value, and generates a list of people to be alerted by smartphone.

The server then sends a notification to the devices of potentially at-risk people, which always comes through the app. The notification has a message decided by the health authorities and asks to follow a protocol.

Boost Your Immune System

According to the standard of the PEPP-PT project, to which Bending Spoons adheres, the transmission of data is digitally encrypted and signed to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality in this phase of “exit” of the data from the smartphone of the individual user.

The Government has not yet announced (nor has it probably decided) what this server will be; the Bending Spoon app is designed to work with a cloud server.

The European Commission, in its guidelines, in addition to specifying that the technological choice of the Union is to use Bluetooth-based solutions, has also investigated the situation in the various member states (and EFTA members) highlighting that only Cyprus and Norway are considering blended solutions that use both Bluetooth and GPS.

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