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Old Cell Phones

We often have real treasures in the house and we don’t know it. No, I’m not talking about gold or silver objects. The classic cutlery, candelabra, or favors that our grandparents have in dressers, drawers, or crystal cabinets. Sure, those too. But among the objects that can make us earn a nice nest egg if we sell them, there are also unsuspected ones.

Old Cell Phones

This above all thanks to the new sales channels offered by the web. Like Immediately, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. Which allows us to empty our house of old and unused stuff, making a profit. In previous articles, we have seen how to make money from items such as toys, Euros, vinyls, VHS, and board games. In this article, however, we see how to make money from some old cell phones that are highly sought after by enthusiasts.

How to make money with old mobile phones

As Libero reports in the Technology category, these are the old phones that are worth a fortune:

Nokia 3310

Classic mobile phones

Let’s start from him, from the phone that has marked the history of the mobile world: the Nokia 3310. Two years ago, the Finnish company also launched a new model, with more modern lines and new software. But if you still have a perfectly maintained and functioning Nokia 3310 “first version” at home, it can be worth up to 100 euros in the second-hand and collector market. Usually, the valuation fluctuates between 40 and 100 euros depending on the conditions.

Nokia 8810

Let’s continue with Nokia. Also in this case we are talking about an iconic phone especially for the unique design of its kind and that Nokia has revived last year in a whole new guise. For those who did not understand, we are talking about the Nokia 8810, highly sought after in the collectors’ market. If you have a model that is still working, you can sell it for around 100 euros.

Ericsson T28

Together with Nokia, Ericsson is one of the companies that marked the first era of mobile phones. The Ericsson T28 was one of the best-selling mobile phones of its time and featured a small flap and display. If you have a working Ericsson T28, along with all the accessories, you can get up to 100 euros.

Motorola DynaTAC 800X

Motorola DynaTAC 800X

From the image, you already understand that this is one of the first mobile phones launched on the market. Manufactured by Motorola, the DynaTAC 800X was launched in 1984 and is one of the most sought-after devices among collectors. The reason is very simple: the US company has produced only 300 thousand copies and more than 35 years of devices still fully functional there are very few left. The value? There is talk of more than 1000 euros, more than an iPhone 11.

Mobira Senator

More than a mobile phone, it seems to be a portable phone booth. And when it was launched it was used more or less that way. Mobira Senator was the first “mobile phone” produced by Nokia, back in 1981. There are very few Mobira senators around and for this reason, it can be worth a real fortune. Collectors are willing to shell out more than 1000 euros for this mobile.

iPhone 2G

Even if it does not fall into the category of mobile phones, the iPhone 2G is in its own right a rare smartphone. Very popular with collectors, a model that works and kept in excellent condition can be worth up to 1000 euros. Otherwise, the price drops up to 300 euros.

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