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How to find out on WhatsApp who we chat with the most? The chat app never stops. The most loved in the world ended up in the clutches of Mark Zuckerberg in 2014 for 19.3 billion dollars. It was created in 2009 as a simple start-up. Zuckerberg wants to go further and create a single platform with Messenger and Instagram, the other two lucky apps of the Facebook group. Especially the second.

WhatsApp Tips

A merger that, however, from time to time creates serious problems for the three apps that end up down. A down that creates worldwide panic, given that to date WhatsApp has 1 billion and 600 million registered users. Scattered in 180 different countries, while it is banned in 12 countries including China. Which takes away from the app a large slice of the market, considering the considerable number of Chinese.

WhatsApp is also widely used by companies, in the Business version. Over 3 million. The country that uses it the most is India, with around 200 million users. Brazil follows, with 120 million users. The United States closes the podium, with 23 million active users.

Mind-boggling numbers then. Destined to grow further, except for the release of some other app that can “distract” the chat market. But there is another number that might intrigue you. Related to how to find out who we talk to the most on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, how to find out who we chat with the most

In practice, we must access our profile, click on Settings, then on “Data and storage usage” and finally on “Storage usage”. A screen will open with a list of all the users with whom we have exchanged more images, videos, and textual content.

WhatsApp Tricks

This “ranking” makes us understand quite clearly which people we converse with most on WhatsApp during the day. The only flaw is that the “ranking” could be distorted by sending some video in high resolution or a large number of images, however, restricted in a few messages. But in principle, it is quite truthful. The procedure is the same on both Android and iOS. Furthermore, chats that we have deleted are not counted.

However, on Android, there is also another way. You need to log in to your account, click on Settings, then on Chat, Chat History, and finally on Export Chat. The three conversations (one-to-one and group) that we find under the label “Contact us frequently” are the ones we have talked to the most in recent weeks.

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